Via Multima Moldova

For more than 8 years we have been transporting and traveling cargo. On the ground and on the water. Cars and ships. Hundreds and tens of thousands of kilometers. This is our work, and we make it so that the client is sure: his cargo will be delivered intact, as intended and on time. Our work is creative. We believe that by traversing thousands of kilometers, crossing meridians and time zones, connecting cities and people, we are making the world a better place.

The subject of our business is not unique - our attitude to this subject is unique.

Take the goods in point A and deliver them to point B - hundreds of companies are engaged in this. But not everyone can do this with the maximum benefit and maximum convenience for the owner of the cargo. Actually, this is the attractiveness of VIA MULTIMA MOLDOVA as a freight forwarding company.

More than 8 years of work - this is enough to learn about all the intricacies of work in the market of transport and forwarding services

We Save Your Money
Long-standing links with leading shipping lines and other service providers, as well as the volume of cargo transported by the company as a whole, allow us to offer our customers competitive rates

We Save Your Time
You do not need to waste time finding out the location of your cargo. Thanks to our unique information system, reliable information about the location and status of the cargo is available to our customers at any time. During transportation, our customers receive written notification of each stage of cargo transportation with estimated dates.

We Save Your Nerves

Becoming our client, you get a personal manager who takes charge of solving absolutely all the questions that you have.
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